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Spring Looks for Men

April 09 2014 09:00 AM

We haven’t forgot about all the men out there trying to find shoes for spring. Ladies, in case you didn’t know, men worry about their shoes, too. Guys it is time to kick your heavy, winter dress shoes into the closet (don’t really kick them). Spring is here, or at least will be very soon.

The difference between winter and spring shoes for men is based on the heaviness and look of the shoe. Sounds a little weird, let us explain. Some shoes have a heavier look- thicker sole, more fabric on the upper and sides of the shoe; some might even have a fur inside. For spring you need to think sleek. Don’t have any sleek styled shoes in your closet? That is okay, visit one of our Chicago shoes store and we will upgrade your style.

We will highlight a few of our spring men’s favorites:

H.S. Trask Stanford Saddle: This penny loafer style shoe is ideal of casual wear. They also can be worn with a pair of khaki pants for a day at the office.  Notice the stitching along the upper part of the shoe. This added detail gives the shoe character. The tan leather is light in shade making it perfect for spring. This comfortable and supportive loafer is available online or in stores.

Timberland Wodehouse Oxford: Didn’t know that Timberland made more than boots? Well they do and we love their casual shoe styles. This lace dress shoe is expected to be a season favorite. Available in two different shades of brown leather, dark and light, this sleek dress shoe is so comfortable and versatile, you can’t go wrong. This shoe is also available online or in stores.



Men’s Boot for Cold Weather

January 29 2014 12:01 AM

Hey guys, it seems that this crazy weather is just going to continue. Is anyone else tired of hearing the term “polar vertex”? With the snow we got last week, it really does seem like spring is never going to come.

With weather like this it is very important to have the proper shoe apparel handy. Chicago weather is proving to be temperamental again. The only way to handle the temperatures and snowfall is with the right pair of winter boots.

Currently, Hanig’s Footwear has many different boot options available for men.

Blondo Mickey: Whoever said boots had to have the rugged look, never saw Blondo Mickey. This sleek black boot portrays masculinity and practicality. Next time, it’s snowing, throw on your pair and never worry about your feet again. 

H.S. Trask Glacier Bourbon: If the rugged, masculine look is the style you want, Glacier Bourbon is the winter boot for you. With a thick, supportive sole, you’ll be able to trudge through the snow and sleet.

Ugg Australia Eaglin: Searching for a more classic winter boot? This is it. With a waterproof exterior and a warm interior, Eaglin will get you through the cold weather days.

Treat yourself to a new pair of cold weather boots. Visit one of our Chicago shoe stores or shop online. 



New Winter Shoes for Men

January 22 2014 07:40 AM

Hey Gentleman, how do the shoes on your feet look? Do they show some creases, a few salt stains, and scuff marks? Shoes certainly take a beating in the winter. From all the snow, slush and salt, it is no surprise that new shoes are needed.

Men, you are in luck. Hanig’s Footwear has released new men shoes that will become your favorite this season. Currently there are new styles from Ecco, and H.S. Trask. Both of these brands place emphasis on comfort, appearance, and quality. The great thing about purchasing a pair of Ecco shoes or H.S. Trask shoes is that you know you are getting high-quality shoes that have been manufactured to last. And you can walk confidently knowing you look great and will be comfortable all day.

H.S. Trask Stanford Saddle: This bison leather penny loafer shoe is perfect for winter and spring as well. The two-toned leather detailing gives the shoe character. With a slight heel for comfort, Stanford Saddle can be worn all day long. 

Ecco Seawalker Tie: This oxford style shoe’s thick, supportive sole makes standing on your feet much more enjoyable. Seawalker Tie has leather lining to help wick away moisture. Plus, there is a removable comfort fiber system insole for added cushioning and support. 

Visit a Chicago shoe store or shop online.





Men’s Boots: H.S. Trask

December 04 2013 09:00 AM

H.S. Trask is an American boot company that is recognized for celebrating the beauty of the outdoors in each of their shoes. Don’t be mistaken; H.S. Trask boots are for gentlemen. The brand’s designers have found a balance between rustic and refined. 

H.S. Trask boots are the real deal when it comes to men’s boots. This is why we at Hanig’s Footwear have expanded our H.S. Trask boot collection: we want to provide a men’s boot collection that is full of quality and choices. With the addition of two new H.S. Trask boots, our men’s collection has grown with character.

H.S. Trask Garnet Black: This slip-on sleek ankle boot is available in black bison leather. Its sleek design and somewhat shiny finish give it a rich, sophisticated look. Men can walk confidently and comfortable in a pair of Garnet Black leather boots all day long.

H.S. Trask Gulch Bourbon: This Chukka style leather boot is perfect for fall and winter. Its relaxed style allows it to be very versatile. With laces and a thick sole, your feet will always be comfortable while in a pair of Gulch Bourbon.

Keep an eye for more H.S. Trask styles to come! We want to make our men’s boots collection as strong as possible, which means providing the best of the best. Take a look at all the men’s boots we offer; we have a large variety of men’s shoes available. Visit us at one of our Chicago shoes stores or check them out online.


New Arrival: H.S. Trask Men’s Shoes

October 21 2013 09:00 AM

Hey everyone, you’re in luck because Hanig’s Footwear is proud to bring you a new brand of men’s shoes. H.S. Trask is an American brand that crafts shoes with great attention to detail. Each style is inspired by the beautiful outdoors. The minds behind H.S. Trask take great care in selecting the leather they use for their shoes. Each pair varies in type--from bison, elk, or wild ram, each shoe is unique in its look and texture.

Hanig’s has a wide variety of men’s leather boots and men’s casual shoes available now. Since it is fall, it’s time to treat yourself to a new pair of boots! H.S. Trask Glacier Bourbon is a must-have. This brown bison leather boot has a rustic but sophisticated look. This combination is not always easy to master, but H.S. Trask certainly has done it!

Boots are not always an option for every outfit or occasion. For those days, there are casual shoes. H.S. Trask Stanford Black resembles a penny loafer. It still has the rustic appearance, just more sleek. The Stanford Black is perfect for the office or weekend nights out.

Check out the other H.S. Trask men’s shoes; there are many styles and colors available. These shoes will transform your look into the nature-loving, sophisticated gentleman you truly are.